Top 10 Best Cordless Drill for Home Use in 2019

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The best cordless drill for home use makes it possible for you to accomplish different tasks at home. If you are DIY enthusiasts, then it is necessary to opt for the cordless drills for home use. They make it easy for you to accomplish different tasks at home. You may be of the opinion that you can hire. But, you should know there is a high level of convenience if you can decide to buy your own instead of hiring. The price of the cordless drills also differs. Always carry out enough research to locate the best drill which can serve you well.

Best Cordless Drills for Home Use

10. Dewalt DCD771C2

Dewalt DCD771C2

It is a powerful 20V cordless drill which you can have in your home. It comes with a lithium-ion compact battery which you can recharge and enjoy your project running. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy for the drill to fit in hard to reach areas. High-performance motor fitted delivers up to 300 unit watts.

You can complete a wide range of applications due to the powerful motor fitted in the unit. High-speed transmission delivers the best speed for you to accomplish tasks fast. Single sleeve ratcheting provides the best service. You enjoy great comfort due to the ergonomic handle design.

09. Tacklife PCD02B

Tacklife PCD02B

With 12v lithium ion battery, you have assured the best operations. 1-hour fast charge ensures you do not have to delay your projects due to power running low. The performance of the drill is excellent. It delivers up to 19 torque settings. You can drill into wood, plastic, metal as well as screw driving tasks. The clutch provides precise control as well as protecting the screens.

You can adjust the speed easily so that you can accomplish different tasks correctly. LED light provided allows you to work in dark areas such as corners efficiently. The design is compact which makes it easy to use.

08. Ryobi P208 One+

Ryobi P208 One+

The battery has a capacity of 18V making it long lasting. Tool-less bit changing technology makes it easy for you to change bits so that you can perform different operations. Variable torque and speed make it possible to change the torque so that it can suit your specific needs.

Magtray allows you to store bits and other accessories you are not using when on elevated platforms with the drill. The rubberized cover grip makes it possible to achieve the best grip. LED lights make it easy to illuminate the surface as you drill.

07. Black & Decker GCO18SFB

Black & Decker GCO18SFB

The black & decker 18-volt cordless drill is highly reliable. You enjoy variable speed operation. The reverse gear design allows you to work on different jobs. It is ideal for a wide variety of materials.

The unit comes with an 18V battery, stud finder, charger and a storage bag. If you need a lightweight and compact tool, then the drill can be your right choice. Effortless chuck changes are made possible due to the availability of 24 position clutch.

06. Bosch 12-Volt drill

Bosch 12-Volt drill

With the 12 volt drill, you can achieve two-speed operations. 2 lithium-ion batteries make it achieve high motor power. Lightweight design makes it ideal for jobs where you need to move to different areas. You can achieve great precision upon application of the drill in your DIY projects.

For tough jobs, the drill works very well. For visibility, it comes with an integrated LED light. You are assured the highest level of durability due to careful design of the unit.

05. Hitachi DS18DGL

Hitachi DS18DGL

With Hitachi, you have a cordless drill with 18V battery. It is compact and durable to assure you great performance. Lithium battery technology assures you high power and less weight. High torque produced allows you to handle tough jobs.

Two-speed gears allow you to select the best for different operations. LED light allows you to illuminate dark areas when performing different tasks effectively.

04. Pink Power PP182

Pink Power PP182

You have an 18V cordless electric drill which you can apply to accomplish different tasks. The tool kit comes with tool case, power drill, battery charger, a drill set and two batteries. Compact design makes it possible for you to achieve the best operation possible.

Inbuilt bubble level improves accuracy. Magnetic base assures you the best grip when working on raised platforms. Lightweight construction ensures you are not fatigued when working with the unit.

03. WORX WX178L


The 20V battery comes with intelligent design to allow you achieve the best in your operations. Compact and smart drill operation assures you the best operation ever. One hand operation is made possible due to BITLOCK design.

Safedrive stops damage to work areas. Pulse assist avoids cases where the bit will slip from work. The battery design allows you to share it across different tools from WORX.

02. TOKUYI 20V Cordless Drill Kit

TOKUYI 20V Cordless Drill Kit

Led lights make it possible to apply the drill in hard to reach areas which have limited light. With 19 torque settings, you can choose the right torque for different operations. Two-speed gears make it possible to achieve the best operation possible. You can reverse putter bottom to work in different areas.

LED light helps to illuminate dark to reach areas. Powerful battery lasts long so that you can accomplish any drilling job even if it requires a lot of time. The lightweight design avoids you cases where you will be exposed to fatigue when working with the tool.

01. Makita CT322W

The cordless drill comes with a powerful 18V battery which can offer you great services. Compact design makes it possible for you to carry the unit to different areas where you would love to accomplish projects. 2 speeds allow you to choose the right speed for different applications. Ergonomic handle design makes it possible for you to achieve the best grip

How to choose the Best Cordless Drill for Home Use

Check on the battery capacity

To avoid interruptions when working with a cordless drill, you should go for one which has high battery capacity and recharges fast.

Ergonomic design

It is necessary to buy a drill which you can comfortably handle

Compact design

With a compact design, it is easy to carry it to different places and accomplish tasks.


The price of different drills can affect your decision; always go for one which your budge can accommodate.

There are several brands of cordless drills available in the market. It is always necessary for you to compare the different drills before you buy. In our list, we have taken into consideration different factors such as compact design and torque so that you can find it easy when buying the drills.

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